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I live close by to my mother and am her part-time care giver. Would I benefit from establishing a relationship with a Geriatric Care Manager?

Most definitely. If being the care giver to your family member is adding stress, constant worry and/or impeding you from taking care of yourself or your own family, Care Management of the Palm Beaches can help. We can discuss alternative solutions to make your life easier as well as keeping your parent in a safe, flourishing environment where they receive assistance and support to move through their senior years comfortably.


I live in a different state than my parents. My brother lives in a neighboring city to them but is no longer available to oversee their care. I’d like to take over but how do I do this when I live 1000 miles away?

No need to worry, we can absolutely help you. We have several clients who do not live in the same county or even the same state. Care Management of the Palm Beaches has links to community resources and an extensive directory of referrals. We will handle everything you require help with, while ensuring their safety and dignity.


My father is a Veteran. I know he is entitled to pension and possibly other government assistance but I have no idea what to do. Help!

We have a professional Care Coordinator on staff who is experienced and knowledgeable about military pensions and other financial assistance your father may be entitled to. It can be a very intricate and confusing process. There are government resources right here in Palm Beach County, and we will look into all government and financial assistance your father is entitled to.


How often will you visit my parents?

Our Certified Care Managers will see your parents as much as you desire or as medically needed. We will oversee their care, medication management, current health status, medical records and many other health and wellness elements. We may also incorporate a Care Manager to assist with Doctor’s appointments, attend Doctor’s appointments, facilitate communication with care providers, shopping, picking up medications and other necessary items to keep your parents safe.


My husband and I believe my mother is being over-medicated. How do we know what she really needs?

Our Care Managers have an extensive understanding of medications and possible side effects or interactions. Although we cannot prescribe or alter medications, we can intelligently speak with your mother’s physicians and specialists to ensure she is being properly medicated for any health issues. Care Management of the Palm Beaches acts as a liaison between health care providers and our patients to ensure their safety and well-being.


Would you accompany my parents to their doctor visits? I generally don’t understand doctors and their explanations.

Absolutely. Care Management of the Palm Beaches will act as a liaison between all physicians and explain to you the results, orders and follow-up care instructions that may not be completely clear.


My parents home environment needs to be adapted to fit their physical impairments. Can you recommend the right kind of medical equipment, physical adjustments or conversions that should be put in place to ensure their safety?

In our initial evaluation, we will discuss with you all the suggested home adjustments and/or equipment necessary to keep your parents safe and healthy.


We’re here to help. Please contact us so we can assist you and your loved ones.